Sunday, 19 April 2020

Day 26 of Lockdown

This week has felt like one of my most unproductive weeks ever. We really haven't done much but lounge around the house not getting up to anything in particular. As a generally busy person, this week of nothingness has not made me feel good. I keep thinking about all the things we could have done but didn't do. We could have got stuck into some craft projects or read a whole chapter book. But we didn't.

It hasn't all been bad. I managed to finish my book and start a new one. I am loving all this spare time I have for reading at the moment. It probably has something to do with all the time I'm saving by not travelling so much in the car! Perhaps I will really need to consider my journeys a lot more once all this is over.

Anyway, after feeling rubbish about a wasted week I felt like I had to do something today so we spent the morning doing some crafts. Asiya painted a little rabbit and the others made this cute rabbit pom pom craft. It kept them busy and it made me feel like a better mother! Is it wrong that I equate crafting with good motherhood? I'm sure there are loads of amazing non-crafty mums out there!

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