Thursday 26 March 2020

Day 3 of Lockdown

Day 3 has been much the same as the other days this week. We started with some read alouds and then did the PE lesson by Joe Wickes on YouTube. We did maths and copywork and then I thought I'd bake a Turkish snack this morning. This was a bit of a mistake because it took so long so we ended up with an extra long morning break. I must remember to save this recipe for the weekends in future! 

This is what I made. They were delicious and very moreish and thankfully I've made enough to last for a few days.

After morning break we all hung out in the garden - it's still beautifully warm outside - and did some foreign language lessons. We started off recapping the French vocabulary we learned recently and then practised Turkish. Then Sefer gave the children a lesson in his mother tongue; Zazaki. Zazaki is a Kurdish language spoken by around 10% of the Kurdish population of Turkey. I hardly know any Zazaki, mainly because there are no books on how to learn it so the only way is to learn it from a native speaker of the language.

After this we read some more about the battle of Hastings. Then the children did some watercolour painting. The children were very happy playing in the garden so we didn't go out for a walk. We really have to make the most of this glorious weather!

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