Saturday 28 March 2020

Day 5 of Lockdown

It's the weekend so no school work. Today has been quite a slow day. We haven;t done much. The weather was not so good so I didn't spend any time in the garden. The children did though. They enjoyed playing on the trampoline in the afternoon. They have been spending so much time on the trampoline recently.

Sefer had to go out to the shops as Delal has developed a cold sore and needed some cream for that. He managed to get some more fruit and vegetables which was a relief. We hadn't been able to buy any earlier in the week as people are still stockpiling and shops are running out of things. The shops are starting to get tighter measures; only allowing a certain number of people in at a time. Therefore, Sefer had to wait in a queue outside for around half an hour before he could get into the shop. He went to a huge supermarket that has a pharmacy inside so he was able to get everything in one place. He managed to get almost everything we needed.

The children are getting along really well at the moment. They have stopped asking to go out or to see friends. They are slowly getting used to our new way of life. They have been quite happy playing amongst themselves indoors or out on the garden. 

I managed to finish a book I started a few months ago. I have a terrible habit of starting books but not finishing them so I am trying to use this time to finish some books. However, I am find it a little difficult to concentrate on reading at the moment. My min keeps switching to coronavirus related thoughts. It is definitely a strange time.

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