Monday 30 March 2020

Day 7 of Lockdown

Today is the start of the new homeschool week. We had a shortened school period because I had a meeting at 11am about telepractice - carrying out speech and language therapy online. I am hoping to start work again as a speech and language therapist on the temporary COVID-19 HCPC register.

Despite out shortened time, we managed to do maths and copywork and I read the next chapter of our homeschool coop book, 'The fantastic flying journey' by Gerald Durrell.

The meeting was very useful. It was carried out over Zoom and I am getting used to using Zoom now. It seems a really easy-to-use platform. I learnt loads of tips on how to carry out speech and language therapy using Zoom as a platform as well as useful apps and resources.

In the afternoon, Sefer had to go shopping for food. The children played in the garden and I read a bit of my book. Then we made pizza dough and, after this, the children watched a film.

Sefer and the children made the pizza for dinner and it was absolutely delicious! Sefer is good at making pizza as he used to work in a Kebab shop and Zizzi Italian restaurant. 

After dinner we played some games. I played Scrabble with the older two and Sefer played Dobble with the younger two. Delal managed to get an extremely high score by using the 'Q' on a triple letter score! She won the game and then the children all played hide and seek with Sefer before bed.

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