Friday, 10 April 2020

Day 18 of Lockdown

Today was our last day of homeschool before we take a break for the Easter holidays. The children are excited to have a week off but I'm feeling rather worried. I feel like it is good to have some structure to our day and I am not sure what it will be like having nothing in particular to do during lockdown.

The weather has been so beautiful over the last few days. It almost feels like summer! We've spent a lot of time in the garden and Asiya and Kamil have been enjoying the paddling pool. 

I've started reading a new book - 'Calm parents, happy kids' by Dr Laura Markham. I'm finding it an excellent book, packed full of useful information. In fact, the information is so important I feel like I have to reread everything at least three times to really get it to sink in and stay in my memory.

Boris Johnson has come out of ICU so it seems like he is on the mend and one of the lucky survivors.

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