Sunday 22 March 2020

Day 3 of Social Distancing

Today is Mother's Day and what a strange one it's been. A lot of people will not have been able to visit their mothers today because of social distancing. My mum and dad are staying in their caravan in Devon at the moment but even if they were home I wouldn't have visited because they are more vulnerable to this virus, especially my dad. We did video call and have a chat and my mum read the children a story. She said she will read them stories every day via video call.

We had a slow morning. We baked some chocolate chip scones and then the children set to work making me some flowers as we hadn't been shopping to buy gifts. It is best we avoid the shops wherever possible. I am only going shopping for food.

The weather was so beautiful today. It's surprising how much it has warmed up over the last too days. It felt really spring-like. We went for a walk in a local woodland. I thought walking in the woods would be easier for social distancing than going to a park. I've heard people have been flocking to the parks and beaches over the last couple of days so social distancing is impossible in these places. It really shocks me how so many people are not taking social distancing seriously. I feel like the government are going to have to enforce this soon otherwise how are we ever going to get rid of this virus?!

The woodland was busier than I've ever seen it but not so busy as to make social distancing difficult. There were plenty of times that we were the only ones in a certain spot, however, we did pass people on the main footpath through the woods.

It was wonderful seeing the children run around outside. We searched for spring flowers and climbed a hill to some fields where we sat down to rest. The children decided to do some nature journaling and I felt happy sitting in the sunshine as they painted. I hope we have a lot more good weather like this. I can't imagine it would be any fun to be isolated inside on rainy days without the option of going swimming or to a museum.

All in all it was a good afternoon out but I couldn't find the hand sanitiser and I panicked a bit about this. I know it is not really needed in the woods but there were a number of gates we had to go through and I thought it would have been better to use hand sanitiser before and after using these. 

Riyad took a bagful of paper aeroplanes to the woods to fly them. He is completely obsessed with them at the moment!

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