Monday 23 March 2020

Day 4 of Social Distancing

It's Monday today so we started off the day with our usual homeschool routine. We read some books and recited a chapter of the Quran. Then, we did something different; a PE class with The Body Coach! Joe Wickes is doing live PE classes every week day via his YouTube channel. It was brilliant! I joined in with the kids are it was great to do some exercise for the first time in years.

There are so many free, online classes and subscriptions at the moment. Celebrities are offering lots of freebies to help keep children occupied during school closures. It's great but there are so many live lessons being offered throughout the day, I'm wondering if we are going to get any of my planned work done!

Sefer had to take his car for the MOT and when he got back he looked after the children so I could do some work for my online courses. The children spent a lot of time in the garden and Sefer cut the grass; just in time for the good weather!

In the afternoon, Sefer had to go to the barber shop to collect his things and help them deep clean the place in preparation to close. It was the last day for many shop workers as the government tells people to practise social distancing.

In the evening, the news we had been waiting for finally came. The Prime Minister announced he was locking down the country! I am pleased about this because I do not think people have taken recent guidance about social distancing seriously. It was time for some more serious measures to be put in place. We need to stop this virus spreading and save lives!

I do feel like we should have gone into lockdown around two weeks ago. The government originally planned to let the virus spread throughout the country in an attempt to create herd immunity. This was the wrong tactic and the government soon did a u-turn on it and started advising people to stay at home. But now they have taken the final step to keep people in their homes. We are allowed out only for necessities like food, medicines and looking after an elderly or vulnerable person. Key workers, such as health professionals and supermarket workers, are also allowed out to go to work. Also, we are allowed to go out once a day for exercise but we must only go with the family members we live with and must stick to social distancing rules (keeping two meters apart).

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