Tuesday 24 March 2020

Day 5 Official Lockdown Begins

Today was the first day of the offical lockdown. It was fine. We spent the whole day at home, not even going outside our home for exercise because I didn't feel the need to on the first day. We spent most of the day in the garden because the weather was absolutely beautiful - warm and sunny. I can't believe how much it has warmed up in the last couple of days.

We started the morning with some read alouds and then did the live PE lesson by The Body Coach. It was a lot of fun but my legs are starting to ache already! After this, the older two got on with their maths and copywork while I baked flapjacks with the younger two.

When the flapjacks were ready we sat out in the garden for our morning snack. While eating we listened to 'Spring' by Vivaldi and also some English folk songs. The children sang along as they listened to 'The Ashgrove', 'Scarborough Fair', 'The Water is Wide' and 'Greensleeves.'  

After snack, we took a look at a book about the Bayeux Tapestry. I do not know much about this so I'm really enjoying learning more about this important historic source. Riyad decided he wanted to draw one of the pictures from the book. He loves drawing.

After lunch, I showed the children a book about how to draw Europe. The boys were very eager to get started. I explained that we should do a bit each day in order to take it in slowly and actually learn the names of the countries and where they are in Europe. However, the boys had other ideas. They wanted to complete the map straight away. I let them because when children get passionate about something, I believe it is best to let them crack on with it. As Julie Boggart says in her book 'The Brave Learner', "A enchanted education is like kindling a fire. All you need is a book of matches." This is so true. I introduced the children to the book and this sparked an interest in drawing Europe and I love how that little spark of interest ignited a fire, a passion to learn.

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